Catarina Honorio


Global Head of HR Services – SOLVAY


Catarina Honorio is the Global Head of HR Services in Solvay, leading the largest HR organization, delivering HR Services worldwide to all Solvay employees, and also to the employees of the recently created Syensqo after a massive spin off operation. She is responsible both for strategic and transactional HR services to the 2 companies, including Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development, People Services, Payroll, Global Mobility and Workforce Data management. She played a significant role in the company spin off for the HR organization. Catarina Honorio have spent over 15 years in global strategic HR roles across Solvay and Nokia, managing large projects and organizations in close alignment with the business needs in a context where a significant level of change and transformation was a constant.


May 14, 2024 12:05 PM

The Power of 2: Shaping the HR strategy and Operating Model of 2 Champion Companies during a Massive Spin-off

Some of our key differentiators in the last 2 years have been the preparation of a major company spin-off and the adjustment of the HR strategy and operating model through this change for 2 very different newly created companies. Also delivering HR services ensuring business continuity to 2 different companies amidst a huge transformation. In this presentation, we will explore:

  • The role of HR in preparing for a spin off of 60% of the business
  • Fitting the HR Operating model with the Business strategy and portfolio
  • How to "divorce" a global organization into 2 new leader companies in their sector
  • Transition Services Agreements to ensure business continuity and preparing the exit

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