Yolanda Talamo


Chief People Officer – HEINEKEN


Yolanda Talamo assumed the role of Chief People Officer in 2021. She began her tenure at HEINEKEN in 2017, initially serving as the Senior Vice President for Human Resources in the Americas Region. Prior to her time at HEINEKEN, Yolanda held the position of Senior Vice President for Human Resources in the Latam Region, Canada, & Hub (Miami) at SAB Miller. With over 20 years of experience in senior HR roles within global businesses, Yolanda brings a wealth of expertise to her current position.


May 15, 2024 09:45 AM

Plenary CHRO Panel: Guiding Tomorrow: CHRO Strategies for Future Workforces

Join a conversation about CHROs guiding workplaces through change, emphasizing active leadership and dealing with complexities in a shifting work environment. Explore leadership traits, forward-thinking strategies, and the crucial role CHROs have in molding the future workforce. Learn about overcoming challenges and fostering adaptability for a dynamic workplace, including aspects such as utilizing technology in HR, cultural development, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and strategic planning in HR.

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