Janina Norton


Global Head of Culture – AXA


Janina is Group Head of Culture at AXA with core priorities focused on bringing thought leadership and strategic direction on matters relating to employee listening and culture measurement, culture transformation, employee experience and hybrid working. She has deep professional expertise in topics spanning across organisational transformation, inclusion and diversity, employee experience, global culture measurement and employee listening and leadership development. Janina has led on employee engagement strategies and initiatives across multiple sectors, including insurance, asset management, international mining, and arts.

Janina is passionate about building organisations that enable their people to be the best that they can and which leverage the power of diverse perspectives. She seeks to create work cultures which energise, inspire and reward the contributions of their people in alignment with the organisations goals and purpose. Janina firmly believes in applying a bottom-up method – actively seeking the voice and involvement of those who are on the frontline – in tandem with iconic, top-down initiatives. Her approach is driven by a strong conviction that the customer experience is directly influenced by the quality of the employee experience. Janina was recognised in 2022 within People Management’s list of 50 UK champions as an individual providing outstanding employee experience in their organisation and/or actively working to prioritise and transform their EX.


May 14, 2024 12:05 PM

Panel Discussion: Adapt or Stagnate: Navigating Organizational Culture Shift in the Modern Workplace

We'll be unwrapping the key role of cultural transformation in achieving strategic objectives and fostering a positive work experience in the ever-evolving modern workplace. We'll discuss how to spot the signals for cultural change and share practical insights for a successful transformation, putting a special emphasis on the importance of an adaptive leadership style in steering organisational cultural change.

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