Valerie Robert


Global Head of HR – NESPRESSO


Valerie is a strategic C-Suite leader who led several broad scale business and cultural transformations globally, leading the people strategic agenda, owning the design of new business models and helping the organization transition successfully. Valerie’s corporate experience spans 30 years in Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing and HR, in Pharmaceuticals (Nestle Skin Health) FMCG/Consumer Goods (P&G), Family Enterprise (Firmenich) and Private Equity (Archroma) businesses. Valerie serves in the Board of International Red Cross (2023). Before, she was a Director (NED) of the Global International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Chair of the newly created ICF Coaching-In-Organization Global Board (2020). She completed recently a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). The focus of her research is on “how to create a coaching culture that last?”. Valerie has worked in France, UK, Pakistan, Switzerland, and the US.


May 14, 2024 11:35 AM

Leadership in Time of Uncertainty: The Why - What - How Approach

In this presentation, we'll explore the importance of leadership during uncertainty, its implications for leaders, and methods for preserving organizational culture, with Nespresso's approach as an example. Understanding these elements equips leaders to navigate uncertainty effectively, maintain team morale, and cultivate a positive workplace environment, promoting resilience and success amidst challenges.

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May 14, 2024 04:35 PM

Panel Discussion Empowerment through Coaching: HR Strategies for Successful People Management

Join us in this panel discussion where we'll dig into some key coaching skills that truly make a difference in empowering employees, boosting performance, and creating a positive work vibe. We're going to talk about the real challenges new managers face and how important HR coaching is in moulding them into visionary leaders. From sharing insights on effective management techniques to uncovering HR strategies, this discussion serves as a helpful guide for success in the constantly evolving realm of people management.

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