Tanja Antonijevic


HR Director – MIELE X


Tanja Antonijevic is the HR Director of Miele X, a global digital hub established to support the Miele Group in creating and growing their digital heritage. Joining the company in its founding stage, Tanja was responsible for setting up the entire HR landscape, as well as building a widely international and gender balanced workforce. One of her current focus areas is employee engagement, which she sees as a crucial pillar of company culture.

Having spent over two decades in various HR functions and industries, from the utilities to tech and facility industry, Tanja has touched upon different organizational topics, including culture change, HR strategy and leadership. Coming from an international background, she is especially passionate about diversity and inclusion, as she believes that we all have a role in creating a world of equality.


May 15, 2024 11:20 AM

Panel Discussion: Micro Strategies, Macro Impact: Practical DEI Integration

Explore pragmatic approaches to DEI integration by striking a balance between grandiose and micro initiatives. Delve into the discussion on avoiding common pitfalls, such as burnout from ambitious ideas, and the importance of realistic timelines. Join us in navigating the nuanced path of achieving genuine and sustainable Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in organizational practices, shaping lasting transformation.

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