HR leader with 19+ years of international experience in leadership roles in complex & matrix global organizations in different business life cycle phases (growth/expansion, transformation, diversification, M&A etc.) across different high-tech industries. Proven competencies of translating business strategies into innovative HR Strategies and delivery road maps to lead organisations successfully through fast-growing, high-paced business transformations and creating an enriching experience for employees.

Adept in identifying, developing and implementing futuristic business-driven HR solutions that are KPI-integrated for creating performance driven sustainable organisations. Passionate change advocate endeavoring towards ‘Unleashing human potential’ through strengthening competencies.


May 15, 2024 11:20 AM

Cogs of the Wheel of High-Performance Culture

Today it is taken by default that organisations and individuals are performing at high levels, sustainably. It is a common endeavor to find ways to manage performance and find the best ways to boost. Join Sushmita Mishar Sahoo, Director HR at Infineon Technologies AG, as she reflects upon Performance and Performance management. And take a deep dive to understand how to recalibrate performance management by leveraging one of the most critical factors that drives it.

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May 15, 2024 11:50 AM

Panel Discussion: Driving Impact: Building High-Performance Cultures

Our panel explores crafting high-performance cultures, covering values, leadership, diversity, and employee experience. Speakers share transformative experiences, emphasizing individual value, purpose-driven leadership, psychological safety, and managerial skills. Discover how culture drives performance and gain insights into seamlessly incorporating it into Total Rewards. HR leaders leave with tools to measure, implement, and sustain high-performance cultures aligning with Total Rewards strategies.

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May 15, 2024 02:35 PM

Panel Discussion: Building a Culture of Continuous Change and Innovation

Join our panel as we delve into crafting a workplace culture that not only welcomes constant change but harnesses it for innovation and growth. We'll explore practical aspects like change management frameworks, instilling an agile mindset, and the crucial role leadership plays in nurturing an adaptive environment. It's a deep dive into strategies for cultivating a dynamic workplace that seizes opportunities for expansion and continuous improvement.

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