Stefan Lange


Senior Vice President Executive Talent Management – SIEMENS


Dr. Stefan Lange is the Senior Vice President Executive Talent Management at Siemens, where he leads the succession planning efforts for the Top 200 global roles to ensure a strong leadership pipeline for today and tomorrow. With over 15 years of expertise in the field of talent management and career development, Stefan has a proven track record of success in developing and executing strategies to attract, retain and develop top executive talents. He is an expert in the areas of executive search, talent acquisition, succession planning, and leadership development. Stefan is passionate about enabling creative, resilient, and high-performing teams drive towards a successful business transformation. Stefan holds his master’s degree in Psychology as well as his Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Trier. He is also a Ball State Alumnus.


May 14, 2024 03:35 PM

Hiring For a Qualified Mismatch

This sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? In fact, it may just be the secret sauce that can help you build a stronger, more dynamic team. The session will provide an in-depth look at the importance of hiring for a qualified mismatch to ensure a successful hire and its benefits, covering:

  • The importance for hiring for potential rather than for the current change
  • How to have a “pipelining mindset”
  • Identifying core competencies and how to detect a candidate’s potential – key “must-haves” vs “nice-to-haves”
  • Just how crucial is the cultural fit?

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