Rhythm Jolly


Project Manager – AGODA


Rhythm Jolly is an accomplished HR leader driving global strategic initiatives and optimizing business processes through expertise in People Operations, Talent Analytics, and HR Tech. With an MBA in HR, Rhythm blends experience across Fortune 500 companies and tech startups.

With nearly a decade’s experience, Rhythm has led successful projects in Digital HR, HR Analytics, Hybrid Work, Employee Engagement, Productivity, and Performance Management across diverse regions like North Asia, SE Asia, Europe, and India.

A leader in digital HR transformation, Rhythm earned national awards twice and global nominations, including the ‘NHRDN & Prof Ram Charan’s Young HR Icon Awards’ and recognition among 18,000 employees at Aditya Birla Capital. Passionate about tech and HR, Rhythm drives workshops in Gen-AI, develops a gamified talent platform, and explores applications like ‘Alexa for HR.’ Rhythm contributes to blockchain research and climate-tech innovation for greener retail spaces.


May 15, 2024 11:20 AM

Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) - Unveiling the Invisible Networks in an Organisation

  • 6 dilemmas every HR leader has faced since the pandemic (and how can ONA have the answers)
  • What is ONA all about?- How can it help identify workplace challenges (and enablers) and what gives it an edge over conventional methods
  • How is ONA conducted?- Active vs Passive, what is the best for you for your company's scale?
  • ChatGPT, do ONA for me- Learn how you can make Gen AI your co-pilot in finding what the people in your organisation care about?
  • How can you use Gen AI, Graph Database and HR Analytics hands-on to uncover organisational networks?
  • Exciting Use Cases across Hybrid Work, Change Management, Talent Planning and Org Structure
  • How to get started, things to be mindful of and resources that can help you on your journey towards ONA

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