Niti Khosla


Global Head of Culture – STRAUMANN GROUP


Niti is currently the Global Head of Culture for the Straumann Group. She has been living in Switzerland with her husband and family of 3 children, and two labradoodles. Her unfulfilled dream is to run a restaurant of flavorful Indian cuisine. She is known as an agile facilitator able to translate business needs into actionable, drive organizational execution and implementation of enterprise-wide projects in American Express Bank, Panalpina, and Novartis.

She focusses on unraveling complexity, to deliver simple, pragmatic and impactful solutions by engaging complex stakeholders. Niti is also able to cross-connect different initiatives to deliver the appropriate experience for employees and the organization.

Niti relies on her proven experience of talent management, learning and development, and OD initiatives to embed desired transformational cultural change. Over the years she has had a successful track record developing and designing a corporate learning portfolio that motivates, energizes employees and senior management teams to achieve goals. Its Niti’s unique blend of Finance, Commercial Business and HR that makes her a seasoned professional with over 30 years’ experience of making a difference – what you see, is what you get…

With a Masters Degree in HR from XLRI, Jamshedpur, India, Niti has learned, and unlearned to reinvent herself over the years.


May 14, 2024 03:35 PM

Leadership: A Guardrail in Shaping Organizational Culture

During this presentation, participants will delve into the pivotal role of leadership in shaping organizational culture. Through the lens of the Straumann Story, we'll highlight how effective leadership serves as the cornerstone of a successful culture journey. Emphasizing clarity and intentionality, we'll explore why leadership's commitment is important in aligning behaviors, symbols, and processes. Finally, we'll discuss methods for leaders to measure progress and ensure continual cultural alignment.

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