Marco Serrão


Chief People & Spaces Officer – GALP


I believe in the power of diversity, in bringing oneself to work and making an impact. It’s the different colors and perspectives in life that make it worth living. I’ve always considered myself a world citizen. My international career journey shaped who I am today and the values I hold dear, empathy, tolerance and being purposeful in everything I do. I’m lucky to be a People professional as we have the ability to shape business’s culture and positively impact people’s lives.

That’s what keeps me going from day 1, driving change, adding value, and most importantly being Human Centered.


May 14, 2024 01:35 PM

Unlocking Galp's Growth Strategy: Delivering the Right Content at the Right Time

Galp is dedicated to helping our employees grow individually. We encourage continuous learning by providing access to over 7,000 courses on Coursera and 14,000 contents on LinkedIn Learning. With a positive experience and opportunities in Iberia, Brazil, and Africa, we aim for our team to thrive in an ever-changing organization. Our motto is providing the right content at the right time, as we move forward together. Let's explore how we achieve this.

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