Kevin Empey


Author, Managing Director and Founder – WORKMATTERS


Kevin is the founder and Managing Director of WorkMatters, a prominent leadership and organization development firm. With over 25 years of experience in people strategy and leadership development, he previously served as a Partner and Director at Willis Towers Watson. Kevin, a qualified executive coach and chartered fellow of the CIPD, is renowned for his expertise in organizational agility and the Future of Work. As the Program Director of the Irish Management Institute’s Senior Executive Programme, he contributes to leadership development. An award-winning author, Kevin has received accolades for his work in employment policy, social entrepreneurship, and Future of Work research.


May 14, 2024 11:00 AM

Shaping a New Employment Deal for the 21st Century

In this masterclass, we will explore the practical realities of shaping a future-fit workforce, with a particular emphasis on the employee’s perspective and, as employers, how we can attract and develop the talent of the future. Skills and how they are developed is an increasingly strategic question today as it addresses several critical and converging themes for the changing world of work including the development of an internal skills marketplace, AI driven work re-design, talent mobility, ESG strategy and employer branding. Recognizing how these elements all shape your employer’s brand and adaptiveness, we’ll highlight the important role and elements of Personal Agility and Career Management in enhancing individual skills and in shaping a future-fit career The main goal of this session is to facilitate a meaningful knowledge exchange, allowing participants to learn from industry best practices and share valuable experiences in this ever-changing employment landscape. Your active engagement is encouraged as we all collectively help our organisations and workforces navigate the future of work.

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May 14, 2024 04:05 PM

Panel / Idea Lab 1: Immunity to Change – Is HR Failing to Perform?

In this initial panel session, led by Perry Timms, our panelists will delve into personal experiences with both effective and ineffective performance management methods. They'll explore why HR frequently encounters difficulties in advancing outdated performance management practices.

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