Jamie Aitken


VP of HR Transformation – BETTERWORKS


As VP of HR Transformation at Betterworks, Jamie helps cleints reimagine the way employee performance is managed with proven systems and processes that work. As co-author of the book, Make Work Better, she draws inspiration from her more than twenty-five years of HR leadership experience, spearheading organizational development, HR transformation, and employee engagement strategies that boost business performance. Her work as a consultant and an in-house HR practitioner spans the entire spectrum of human capital practices and multiple industries.

Jamie has a deep understanding of talent management strategies and principles and has ideated and implemented global talent practices system redesign, strategic planning, and positioning in public and private for national and international organizations spanning all associated processes. As a McKinsey-certified facilitator, Jamie has also been instrumental in cultural transformations for several large enterprises – supporting fundamental change with her background in executive coaching, change management, and employee experience strategies.


May 14, 2024 04:05 PM

Panel / Idea Lab 1: Immunity to Change – Is HR Failing to Perform?

In this initial panel session, led by Perry Timms, our panelists will delve into personal experiences with both effective and ineffective performance management methods. They'll explore why HR frequently encounters difficulties in advancing outdated performance management practices.

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