Heike Virmond


Chief People Officer – KITOPI


Heike Virmond is the Chief People Officer at Kitopi, the world’s leading tech-powered multi-brand restaurant.

Founded in Dubai, UAE, in January 2018, Kitopi’s mission is to satisfy the world’s appetite to create joy. With 5000+ employees and 200+ locations across the UAE, KSA, Kuwait Bahrain and Qatar, Kitopi operates a portfolio of invested and franchised brands to help them scale and expand their customer reach locally and internationally.

As Chief People Officer, Heike drives Kitopi’s People strategy and leads Kitopi’s efforts to become a Best Place to Work. Before joining Kitopi in July 2022, Heike was the Chief People Officer for Gategroup, the world’s leading airline catering company. Prior to Gategroup, Heike has served as a Strategy Consultant at Bain and as a Regional Talent Leader at Netflix for Europe/Middle East/Africa.


May 15, 2024 02:05 PM

Front and Center: Revolutionizing Employee Experience for Business Impact

Organizations can create a dynamic and inclusive culture where every employee feels inspired and empowered to unleash their potential, whether they're working on the frontlines or behind the scenes. Heike will share insights how Kitopi, the UAE-born food tech unicorn applies strategies along the employee journey, for example through cultivating a culture of purpose, providing fair growth opportunities and recognizing/rewarding achievements.

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