Elsa Boto


Head of Human Resources for Energy Brands – VINCI ENERGIES PORTUGAL


Elsa Boto, currently Head of Human Resources for Energy Brands at Vinci Energies Portugal, has a remarkable academic and professional career. She began her career in the service sector, specifically in the Food and Quality Management area. She later moved into the human resources area and expanded her knowledge by studying at the Nova School of Business & Economics, where she completed a Postgraduate Diploma in People Management. She then took part in an executive program in Business Management at AESE Business School. This experience was a turning point in her professional career, allowing her to take on a full human resources management role at Vinci Energies Portugal.

Vinci Energies is a group with several companies specializing in consultancy, engineering, development, execution, maintenance and management services in the areas of smart building solutions, smart industry solutions, smart energy infrastructures and information and communication technologies. Elsa Boto now coordinates Human Resources for the group’s brands dedicated to the energy transition.
Her career is marked by a constant search for knowledge and a holistic approach to business challenges. Her career path has provided her with a comprehensive perspective of the various challenges that a manager faces within a company, regardless of the area of focus. In addition, the opportunity to interact with professionals from different fields has enriched her vision and leadership skills.

Elsa Boto is an inspiring example of how continuous education and the search for diverse experiences can boost professional and personal growth. Her dedication to people management and the energy transition demonstrates her commitment to sustainable development and organizational success.


May 15, 2024 02:35 PM

Panel Discussion: Building a Culture of Continuous Change and Innovation

Join our panel as we delve into crafting a workplace culture that not only welcomes constant change but harnesses it for innovation and growth. We'll explore practical aspects like change management frameworks, instilling an agile mindset, and the crucial role leadership plays in nurturing an adaptive environment. It's a deep dive into strategies for cultivating a dynamic workplace that seizes opportunities for expansion and continuous improvement.

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