Bea Boccalandro


Founder and President – VERAWORKS


Bea Boccalandro, a dedicated advocate for corporate purpose, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and ESG (Environmental Social Governance), serves as an author, consultant, and educator, striving to infuse purpose into everyone’s professional endeavors. As the author of “Do Good at Work” and holding the position of president at VeraWorks, she passionately promotes meaningful work experiences. Bea’s insights have been featured in prestigious publications such as Harvard Business Review and Forbes. Notably, her consulting portfolio boasts prominent names like Disney, IBM, TOMS Shoes, and Toyota. For further information, visit


May 14, 2024 11:35 AM

The New HR Imperative: Purpose Management

The rise of the meaning-seeking employee has suddenly made every manager a purpose manager. Yet, many leaders are unaware of this new responsibility, and most are unsure how to meet it. This isn't just unfortunate, it's a silent crisis. Research reveals that purpose mismanagement is a top- three driver of job dissatisfaction, underperformance and quitting. Good news! Whether in the storeroom or c-suite, any manager can ignite team member purpose – even if their organization has no stated purpose. In this highly engaging session, Bea Boccalandro will share the steps to managing purpose in a way that boosts employee engagement, productivity, retention and wellbeing. Having advised major brands like Aetna, FedEx, PwC and Toyota, Boccalandro is no stranger to the art of igniting workplace purpose. Her groundbreaking book, Do Good at Work: How Simple Acts of Social Purpose Drive Success and Wellbeing, has not only been lauded as one of 2021's best reads by four-time bestselling author and Wharton professor Adam Grant but its message has been echoed in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, FOX and other major media platforms.

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