When Your Past Gets in the Way of Your Future: A Groundbreaking Approach to Emotional Health at Work

DAY ONE - 14th MAY

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Millions of people struggle to thrive as adults after growing up in a dysfunctional family life. The result? Adult Survivors of Damaged Pasts (ASDP). High-performing, overachieving ASDPs regularly show up at work as perfectionists and people pleasers. Others become corporate bullies. Some ASDPs survive by avoiding conflict, working in isolation, and keeping their thoughts and ideas to themselves. These behaviors are often a sign of unconscious struggling to prevail over a wounded past that threatens their well-being and careers. You may not be an ASDP, but chances are very high you work with and lead them.

Alternatively, the modern workplace presents an opportunity to help these employees discover emotional safety and confidence, freely collaborate inside team environments, trust their own judgment, and look to the future with optimism. The benefit to Applied? Retention and cultivation of valuable talent in a healthy corporate culture, where all employees feel empowered to contribute their best.

Susan tackles this pervasive issue using insights and stories from her experiences as an ASDP, the science of neuroplasticity with extensive positive psychology research, and a 35-year career working with emotionally complex executives and leaders.

 Why you’ll want to participate in this session:

  • Understand the costs of loneliness and emotional conflicts on business vitality, company cultures, as well as personal
  • Identify opportunities leaders have to develop a culture that is a brave space for employees to discover healing from the past and bring their full gifts, potential, and professionalism to high-performing
  • Explore ways that leaders can discover new levels of joy in their own professional lives and career fulfillment by creating a healing culture inside their company

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