The Business Agility Hot Seat

DAY TWO - 15th May

Speaker / Speakers

Experience the transformative power of working with the Obeya, while exploring the transformative journey of two global companies in the pharmaceutical and financial industry. Discover how scaling visual management resulted in tangible improvements like:

  • 100% engagement of employees
  • All-time high customer satisfaction of 85%
  • A leadership system of radical transparency and trust


Interactive session learning outcomes

During this highly interactive pressure cooker session you will, amongst others,:

  • Discover your performance maturity, with the Business Agility Scan and which next steps will help you to shape your future organisation.
  • Experience the philosophy and principles behind the Obeya
  • Gain insights in how to create transparency by aligning purpose to strategy, goals and change initiatives.
  • Understand how to align your people strategy with the business strategy and how to execute on it.
  • Explore how this will enable to track progress, better decision making and increase overall business performance.
  • Have a deep understanding of how to involve people and make change happen.
  • Comprehend how to drive and execute on purpose.


This Business Agility Hot Seat is meant to give space for innovation and using the Collective Intelligence of all people in the room. Join, listen, share ideas and experiences, and learn to thrive!

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