Sailing The Unknown How HR Leaders Navigate Through Changes And Transitions

DAY ONE - 14th MAY

Speaker / Speakers

This Masterclass focuses on the critical role of HR leaders in managing change and transitions within organizations. It aims to uncover the often overlooked challenges HR professionals face, such as addressing unexpressed emotions and leveraging systems-psychodynamic approaches to understand unconscious processes that influence group and individual behaviors. The discussion will explore the emotional impact of change on leadership and HR teams, emphasizing the need for adaptive leadership in navigating these complexities. Key topics include the distinction between technical and adaptive challenges, the importance of creating spaces for emotional work, and the role of HR in facilitating these processes. Additionally, the session will delve into managing transitions by understanding the phases of endings, beginnings, and the neutral zones in between, highlighting the significance of creating transitional spaces at various organizational levels. This reflective space aims to equip HR leaders with insights and strategies for leading through change, fostering a culture of adaptability and resilience.

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