Reinventing Leadership: A Necessity or An Option?

DAY TWO - 15th May

Speaker / Speakers

In today’s rapidly changing world, where threats and crises seem ever-present, the importance of growing leaders cannot be overstated. To prepare for the future, leaders must embrace continuous development, actively seeking opportunities for improvement and innovation. During this session, we will:

  • Outline the current challenging context in which leaders operate (external and internal challenges in our organisations) with a focus on the diversity of demands and expectations
  • Inspire critical thinking around the roles of leaders: there is an increasing realisation that the job of a leader has become ever so difficult. Question: it seems future generations may not opt to become leaders? Too complex? Too challenging? Should leadership be reinvented?
  • Reflect on the demand for leaders to create an environment where people can thrive and be themselves without fears: a psychologically safe environment.
  • Showcase how the European Central Bank shapes its leaders’ journey (competencies, leadership growth, etc.).

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