Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) – Unveiling the Invisible Networks in an Organisation

DAY TWO - 15th May

Speaker / Speakers

  • 6 dilemmas every HR leader has faced since the pandemic (and how can ONA have the answers)
  • What is ONA all about?- How can it help identify workplace challenges (and enablers) and what gives it an edge over conventional methods
  • How is ONA conducted?- Active vs Passive, what is the best for you for your company’s scale?
  • ChatGPT, do ONA for me- Learn how you can make Gen AI your co-pilot in finding what the people in your organisation care about?
  • How can you use Gen AI, Graph Database and HR Analytics hands-on to uncover organisational networks?
  • Exciting Use Cases across Hybrid Work, Change Management, Talent Planning and Org Structure
  • How to get started, things to be mindful of and resources that can help you on your journey towards ONA

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