Healing at Work Leaders’ Masterclass

DAY ONE - 14th MAY

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Join this enlightening Healing at Work Leaders’ Masterclass, a transformative journey designed to elevate your leadership through the discovery of the 6 pillars of the Healing at Work Success Path. This masterclass will not only enhance your self-awareness, emotional intelligence (EQ), and leadership skills but also equip you with practical strategies, scripts, and tips to support your employees in navigating “Bumper Car Moments,” thus fostering a more engaged and productive workforce. Benefit from personalized coaching on complex challenges, share and learn from the experiences of fellow leaders, and leave with a comprehensive Healing at Work toolkit to improve your professional life and that of your team. Key takeaways include:

  • Mastery of the Healing at Work Success Path’s 6 pillars.
  • Enhanced self-awareness, EQ, and leadership capability.
  • Strategies for managing workplace conflicts and improving employee engagement.
  • Personalized coaching and valuable insights from other leaders.
  • A Healing at Work toolkit to enhance your leadership and team dynamics.

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